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Unlocking Opportunities: Internship Experiences at Makro Export Foreign Trade Company

Dear University and College Community, 

Are you ready to embark on a journey where innovation meets hands-on experience? Makro Export Company, a leader in international trade, is excited to open its doors to passionate and dynamic students looking for meaningful internships. 

Why Should You Choose Makro Export Company for Your Internship? 

  1. Industry Leadership:

Join a company at the forefront of international trade. Makro Export Company’s commitment to excellence and innovation provides interns an invaluable opportunity to witness and contribute to groundbreaking projects and initiatives. 

  1. Mentoring and Guidance:

As Makro Export, we believe in the power of mentoring. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to mentoring and nurturing the next generation of talent. Interns are paired with mentors who provide insight, support and constructive feedback throughout their internship journey. 

  1. Real World Impact:

Experience the thrill of making an impact in the real world. The interns at Makro Export Company are not coffee pickers; They are integral members of our teams and actively contribute to projects that impact the international business environment. Your ideas are important here. 

  1. Diverse and Inclusive Culture:

We celebrate diversity and understand the power it brings to our workplace. Interns are invited to a vibrant and inclusive environment that values ​​unique perspectives and fosters an atmosphere of creativity and collaboration. 

  1. Networking Opportunities:

Connect with industry leaders, professionals, and fellow interns. Makro Export Company hosts networking events, workshops and seminars that provide interns a platform to make meaningful connections and expand their professional networks. 

Internship Focus Areas:  

  1. Business Consultancy:

Dive into Business Consultancy in international trade and discover the intricacies of the industry under the guidance of experienced professionals.  

  1. Purchasing Agency:

Immerse yourself in international trade Purchasing Agency and gain hands-on experience that will set you apart in your future career.  

  1. Digital marketing:

Contribute to Digital Marketing projects in international business by applying classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios and challenges.  

Intern Support Services of Makro Export Company: 

  1. Airport Transfer:

Coming to a new city can be intimidating. Makro Export Company provides a smooth transition by providing airport transfer service. We will be there to greet you and take care of your journey from the airport to your accommodation. 

  1. Accommodation Assistance:

Finding a comfortable place to stay is crucial to a successful internship experience. Makro Export Company helps you get used to your new environment easily by helping you search for suitable accommodation options. 

  1. Local Orientation:

Navigating a new city can be difficult. Our team will make you feel at home from day one by providing a local orientation to introduce you to key attractions, public transportation and cultural information. 

  1. Cultural Participation Programs:

Makro Export Company values ​​cultural exchange. Participate in our cultural immersion programs that include language lessons, local events and activities that will enrich your experience and expand your horizons. 

  1. 24/7 Support:

Your health is our priority. Makro Export Company provides 24/7 support, allowing you to get help whenever you need it. Our dedicated team is here to address all your concerns and make your internship journey unforgettable. 

Join Makro Export Company for an internship that goes beyond professional development; Experience a supportive environment that cares about your overall well-being.  

How to Apply:  

If you are ready to elevate your learning experience and contribute to the success of a dynamic international trading company, we invite you to apply for an internship at Makro Export Company. Send your CV, cover letter and area of ​​interest to info@makroexport.com.  

Take the opportunity to redefine your internship experience. Makro Export Company awaits the arrival of ambitious and dedicated interns who are ready to shape the future of international trade.  

Join us to push the boundaries of what’s possible!  

Kind regards, 

Makro Export Foreign Trade Company

Always for you, valued producers


Exploring Opportunities in Turkey's Capital: Internship in Ankara at Makro Export Dış Ticaret A.Ş.

Ankara, the capital city in the heart of Turkey where history meets innovation, invites students from European universities to embark on a transformative internship journey with Makro Export Foreign Trade Consultancy Company. Discover the dynamic intersection of commerce, culture and professional development in the heart of this vibrant city. 

Why Ankara? Why Makro Export Foreign Trade Consultancy Company? 

  1. Ankara: A Cultural Tapestry:

Ankara, the political and cultural center of Turkey, is a city that weaves together the rich texture of Turkish history and modernity. Interns at Makro Export have the unique opportunity to explore the capital’s landmarks, from the ancient castle to the vibrant modern districts. 

  1. Global Trade Center:

Strategically located in the heart of the country, Ankara is the center of global trade and commerce. Interns at Makro Export become involved in the world of international business by gaining first-hand experience in a city that acts as a bridge between continents. 

  1. Special Internship Programs:

Our internship programs are designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of international business. Whether navigating regulatory frameworks, market analysis or project management, interns contribute to real-world projects that shape the future of the industry. 

  1. Cultural Inclusion Beyond Borders:

Ankara offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity. Interns not only contribute to their professional development, but also create lifelong memories by immersing themselves in the warmth of Turkish hospitality. 

  1. Mentoring in the Capital:

At Makro Export, mentoring goes beyond professional guidance; it’s about navigating the global landscape. Interns benefit from mentoring programs, networking opportunities and meeting a wide range of international business professionals.  

Highlights of the Program: 

  1. Flexible Times:

Our internship programs provide a tailored experience for students and universities by offering flexibility to meet both short-term and long-term commitments. 

  1. Various Focus Areas:

From logistics to market research, our programs cover various aspects of international business and provide interns with a holistic perspective on the industry. 

  1. Language Opportunities:

Although English is the main language at Makro Export, interns have the chance to develop their language skills in a multicultural environment and interact with colleagues and customers from around the world.  

Partnership with Makro Export Foreign Trade Consultancy Company:  

If you are a university or college looking to offer your students an enriching international experience, consider partnering with Makro Export Foreign Trade Consulting Company. Contact us at info@makroexport.com and let’s collaborate to offer unique internship opportunities in Turkey’s capital.  

Ankara is Waiting: Unleash Your Global Potential with Makro Export!  

Join us in Ankara, where the heritage of centuries meets today’s innovations. Makro Export invites students to explore international trade, cultural diversity and professional development in Turkey’s capital. 

Hello to an Ankara adventure full of learning, growth and global connections! 

Internship and Training at Makro Export International Trade Consultancy Company

The role of internships and training programs in the dynamic environment of international trade and commerce cannot be overstated. At Makro Export, we recognize the transformative power of hands-on experiences, and our commitment to nurturing talent goes beyond the ordinary. Let’s take a look at the advantages that make our internship and training programs different. 

Application of Knowledge in the Real World: One of the main advantages of our internships and training programs is that they give participants the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. Whether navigating complex regulatory frameworks, conducting market analyses, or engaging in strategic project management, participants gain invaluable knowledge that bridges the gap between academia and professional practice.

Applied Learning from Industry Leaders: Our programs provide direct access to a pool of experienced professionals in international business. Participants benefit from mentoring and guidance by learning from industry leaders who share their expertise, insight and practical knowledge. This direct interaction with experienced professionals is a unique feature that distinguishes our programs from others.

Cultural and Global Interaction: Participants in our internship and training programs at our Ankara base are embedded in a rich cultural texture. Exposure to different perspectives and an international business environment gives participants a global mindset. This cultural interaction is an important aspect of our programs that prepare participants for success in a globalized business environment.

Customized Programs for Specialized Growth: Recognizing that one size does not fit all, our internship and training programs are tailored to meet participants’ individual goals and aspirations. Whether a participant is interested in logistics, market research or project management, we offer specialized pathways that address various areas of international business.

Networking Opportunities: Building a professional network is a very important aspect of career development. Participants in our programs have the opportunity to connect with a wide range of professionals both within Makro Export and in the international trade industry. These connections often prove invaluable as participants progress in their careers.

Path to Career Development: Many of our past participants have transitioned seamlessly from our internship and training programs to successful careers at Makro Export and other leading organizations in the industry. The skills acquired, combined with the hands-on experience gained, create a solid foundation for long-term career success.

At Makro Export, we see internships and training as more than just programs; these are the stepping stones to professional excellence. We invite promising individuals to join us to unlock their potential, gain practical experience and shape successful careers in the dynamic world of international business. 

Contact us at info@makroexport.com to discover how Makro Export International Trade Consultancy Company can be a starting point on your journey to professional excellence. 

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