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Foreign Trade Consultancy

Foreign Trade Consultancy

MAKRO EXPORT Consultancy services, established in 2017 and serving in Ankara, stands out as a company that offers import and export, in short, foreign trade consultancy services. In addition to consultancy services, support and services are also provided to all companies that provide consultancy services in sectors such as the Defense Industry and construction, furniture and food. MAKRO EXPORT Consultancy firm provides the highest level of service in carrying out all export transactions of well-established companies with whom it is in contact abroad and marketing the products of the companies to different locations around the world.

Foreign Trade Transactions

The situation related to the flow of goods and all capital beyond national borders is foreign trade. Foreign trade takes place in two ways, import and export, in terms of delivery during buying and selling transactions. Foreign trade consultancy is very important for the correct execution of import and export transactions.

What is Foreign Trade Consultancy?

Depending on the shrinking domestic market conditions, the importance of foreign trade and especially exports continues to increase day by day. The services offered are foreign trade consultancy, with the aim of supporting the partnership companies to move forward more successfully and effectively in foreign trade, as well as to operate in a way that will enable the companies to provide service for many years.

It is of great importance especially in achieving success in import and export and obtaining high profits. Foreign trade consultant provides consultancy to companies to operate in the international market regarding their import and export businesses. In addition to purchasing goods or services around the world, it also advises companies and authorized persons on selling opportunities, how to make international contacts, and the laws regulating international trade.

 Services Offered in Foreign Trade Consultancy

-Closely monitoring all import transactions of products produced abroad,

-Following up and communicating with potential customers,

-Following the order and the entire operational process when the order is placed,

-Successfully selling all goods produced within the country in foreign countries and carrying out all export transactions successfully,

-Services are available for reporting the process from the product leaving the factory until it reaches the buyer.

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