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MAKRO EXPORT Foreign Trade

Foreign Trade Consultancy

Importation, also known as foreign purchasing, is the purchase of products or services produced within one country by another country. In addition, the import process also means export for countries selling goods or services. In short; Import and export are events that occur in conjunction with each other. If a country imports, the other country it imports from also exports.

What is Foreign Trade Consultancy?

Foreign trade consultancy; They prepare companies for the first step of exporting by explaining the necessary steps when they want to export. They manage all the stages required for export.

Foreign trade consultancy; He analyzes the company, researches other rival companies, and finds the market that is suitable for the company. It prepares a list of potential customers for the company that will export, and thus, it is prepared from the other company to be exported. He emphasizes that the export database should be prepared by the export consultant.

What Benefits Companies Provide from Foreign Trade Consultancy?

The company is in a position to exercise authority in many senses internationally.

Companies can have the opportunity to work with many national and international businesses.

Company; The company provides corporate development in the field of foreign trade.

As a result of the strategic plans made by consultancy companies, the company’s products begin to be marketed worldwide.

All developments in the field of foreign trade are followed and reports are presented to companies.

Many personnel working in the company are trained in every field, contributing to the development of the company.

Foreign trade consultants find the right buyers for the company and ensure that the products are sold in the right market.

The formation of the company’s foreign trade identity is ensured.

General information about the company’s competing products is created.

It is tested that the company is suitable for foreign trade markets. SWOT analysis is created.

Obstacles that may occur when the company enters a new market are determined.

Do Companies Have to Get Foreign Trade Consultancy?

Foreign trade services provide companies with foreign trade information as well as country consultancy. It has many advantages, such as providing market analysis to the company and providing support to the company at trade fairs. Another important point for the company is that foreign trade consultancy communicates with partners and important authorities in the country to which they will export to the company.

In order to be effective in the international arena, and to get information about the developments in the foreign market; One should definitely get help from foreign trade consultancy companies.

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