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Foreign Trade Consultancy

Foreign Trade Consultancy MAKRO EXPORT Consultancy services, established in 2017 and serving in Ankara, stands out as a company that offers import and export, in short, foreign trade consultancy services. In addition to consultancy services, support and services are also provided to all companies that provide consultancy services in sectors such as the Defense Industry and […]

İhracat Destekleri

State Supports for Exports

State supports are one of the most important pillars of exports. In fact, it may be a bit difficult to export successfully without benefiting from export supports. Because there are three basic costs when exporting. These; product, logistics and advertising costs. There is a system where these expenditures can be encouraged. For example; In 2016, social media advertisements began to be […]

MAKRO EXPORT Foreign Trade

Foreign Trade Consultancy Importation, also known as foreign purchasing, is the purchase of products or services produced within one country by another country. In addition, the import process also means export for countries selling goods or services. In short; Import and export are events that occur in conjunction with each other. If a country imports, the other country it […]

What are digital marketing strategies in export?

How you market your product, what arguments you use when presenting your product to your potential customers, how you deploy it, to whom you appeal, and in which channels you present it are as vital as your product. With the development of technology and its placement at the center of our lives, the marketing world has […]

Advantages of Importing with Us

Nowadays, when trade is developing rapidly around the world, import has become an important strategy for businesses. There are a number of advantages of importing with us, allowing businesses to gain a competitive advantage in the international market.  The first advantage is the wide range and diversity of products. Importing with us provides customers with the opportunity […]

Expertise in Customs Procedures: Makro Export

MAKRO EXPORT DIŞ TİCARET DANIŞMANLIK LIMITED COMPANY adds value to its customers with its superior services in customs procedures. Customs procedures are a complex and sensitive process frequently encountered in international trade. MAKRO EXPORT continues its commitment to providing its customers with a safe and trouble-free trading experience with its expertise in this field.  The company’s customs […]

Reliable Address for Imports from China

MAKRO EXPORT FOREIGN TRADE CONSULTANCY LIMITED COMPANY is a company that stands out with the professional services it offers to the business world today, when global trade is rapidly evolving. Its expertise in imports, particularly from China, highlights its ability to provide customers with reliable, fast and effective trade solutions.  The company aims to make the […]

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