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Turkey is a rising nation with a strategic location that connects Europe and Asia. Turkey ranks in the top 30 countries in the world in terms of exports and imports. Considering the import processes, people generally want to have all the information about it. Because every knowledge gained will help you with any problems that may arise. The more you know the rules and the functioning of the necessary institutions, the fewer problems you will have.

Natural or legal persons and institutions that are new to importing first focus on the following question: “How to import goods from Turkey?”

Answering this question has different features for each country. Because international agreements and contracts are different. Moreover, the product registration of each country or the documents that must be collected while bringing the product to the country will differ. However, in this case, there are steps that are general and must be applied. What should you do when importing goods from Turkey? Let’s examine it together.


To summarize the import process briefly, it is the exchange of products between the importer and exporter depending on the product contract. The importer should apply to reliable companies for the products to be ordered and should calculate the transportation process well. Of course, the process is not just about these. General procedures are important.

For each commodity that enters and exits the customs area, a summary declaration must be given to the Customs Administration. The products are temporarily stored once they are presented to customs until they are subjected to customs-approved treatment or usage, and are defined in this context. Temporarily stored commodities can only be kept in locations approved by customs administrations and under the criteria set by these authorities. For products that will leave customs later, a free zone designation statement is required.


Imports are permitted for individuals and institutions who meet the requirements set forth in Article 8 of the Import Regime Decree. Import transactions can be carried out by real and legal people having tax numbers issued in accordance with the Tax Procedure Law, as well as person partnerships permitted to make legal savings in accordance with the current regulations.

It is also important that the product you want to import from Turkey is legal and meets the conditions both in your country and in Turkey. For this, you need to import products that will not contradict the benefit of the country. At this stage, you need to check both the product code from the official sites of your country and the institutions in Turkey.


Each product has a commodity code. Knowing this code is important for every importer. Moreover, tax brackets may vary depending on the type of your product. You need to prepare transportation tax and documents, copies of contracts, and declarations of mutual customs.

Products are generally listed under five headings by tax and type.

  • List I Agricultural products
  • List II Industrial products,
  • List III Processed agricultural products,
  • List IV Fish and aquaculture,
  • List V Suspension products.

In the given list, customs duty is applied as 0%, provided that it is used only in civil aircraft. To explain the goods to which Value Added Tax is applied; 1% is valid in List No. 1, and 8% VAT is applied in List No. 2. VAT of goods other than these lists is applied as 18%. The consumption tax to be paid at the time of import is valid for tobacco, fuels, electronic goods and cosmetics.

Documentation and Legislation

The legislation and import regime to which the goods are subject differ according to their characteristics. However, as a broad framework, general information on product imports can be found on the Ministry of Economy’s legislation website. In addition, you must apply to the relevant institution of the country in which you are located.

Although each product is subject to different features and document requirements, documents related to the goods such as inspection certificate, control certificate, health certificate, analysis report, and CE certificate must be prepared. It will be useful to obtain information from the necessary institutions about which of these documents are required.


Although Turkey is the most preferred country for importing agricultural products with its geographical location, it shines in many sectors. Especially in the electronic products and clothing sector, its progressive horizon is stimulating the shopping markets in other countries.

With the corona epidemic, Turkey’s products were added to the increase, especially in the health products and pharmaceutical sector. In this respect, if you need to sort on a general basis, you can import any product from Turkey. However, agricultural products and local delicacies are in the first place. Industrial products and electronics are next, followed by toys. The import rate of health care products from Turkey has also increased gradually.

As a result, you can import products in every lane, from electronic parts that have been produced and developed to the food and beverage industry.


It can be challenging to handle the process reliably, as the processes of importing products are difficult as well as transportation. Turkish Goods safely carries all kinds of products between exporters and importers. For Turkish Goods, safety and quality are a discipline. It acts by carrying out meticulous work at every stage, from the quality packaging processes of the products to their quality controls. You will not get tired while searching for products that fit your business plans and budget.

Moreover, you can access the necessary information in the bank transactions and contracts section during product shopping. You can browse Turkish Goods to buy the product you want safely, in the category you want. You can find the real meaning of quality with service in 13 languages and fast turnaround service within 48 hours. The aim of Turkish Goods is to bring the import and export to the most distinguished position with the quality of the storage systems in the sea, air, and land transportation.

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